No One Else Can What?!

Although it is easy for us to dive into politics or mass shootings, I don’t yet feel like unwinding everything there and instead will focus on a much brighter topic… racism.

Racism is something I’ve struggled to understand. I don’t naturally hate any person based on their looks just like I don’t naturally hate any animal based on their looks. Do you ever look at an oak tree and ever get mad that it doesn’t look like your ideal of what an oak tree should look like? No? So obviously there is something deeper than the skin tone and my money is on fear.

People fear change, they fear differences and seeing a white community transform into a mixed racial causes fear. So these people then learn to hate their fears. We instill that overcoming fear is a virtue and so they overcome their fear of different people with hate. They switch from flight to fight. The hatred then seeks for justification and justification seeks to justify itself by forming communities and organizing upwards. So to me the cure for this all would be better education and social integration over time. People will slowly learn to accept through the generations.

Now the part the pisses me off. Yes, there are racist white people. There are also racist black people, latinos, etc. Everyone is capable of racism. Saying that only the white people are capable means something ugly. It means that you at heart think that white people are capable of something that other races aren’t. This is differentiation and that would make one possibly superior to another. It just isn’t the case. People of all races are able to fear and form the hate that leads to racism. No one group of people have fully cured this through education and integration. No one group has solved this at all. I had someone insist upon the point that “only white people are capable of racism” and when I mentioned what he just said… well I shut that shit down.

There’s much more to say but I’d rather not blather on. Oh, as for me, no, I’ve never been racist my family has mixed blood and to hate any race would be like hating my own family. Imagine if the rest of the world had mixed blood and valued their family as well.




The other day I see a post in a group I am in on Facebook. The post was a simple question as to whether people think porn is harmful or not for people to watch. Well in comes the flood of lewd comments and very strict anti-porn people talking about how awful it is. Look, porn is just like anything else, so let me take a very basic example – water. Water is not harmful and needed for life, however as harmless as it seems you can drink too much water AND kill yourself (no, not drowning, drinking).

Now I’m not saying porn is needed for life, that’s rather silly, but at the same time it is something that one can take in moderation and live with. There are literally millions of people leading healthy, happy lives, who do view porn. How much is enough is a question for us to each answer individually and any answer you give is correct as long as it’s not fucking up your life. Now what is fucking up your life? Well, damaging relationships, overspending money on porn, or otherwise hindering some other life events or goals.

As for the people who are fully anti-porn, well that’s good for them, but if you want to force your position down someone else’s throat (AKA have people deepthroat your beliefs) well… FUCK YOU! You are not the God of my existence nor anyone else’s. In fact you thrusting your beliefs up our asses will more than likely fill us with resentment more than anything else. Let people be people and govern themselves. As long as they’re not causing harm or pushing something illegal, leave them be. I won’t go to the anti-porn peoople and say, “You need to watch porn now!” In fact I knew someone who didn’t want to see porn and others were trying to pressure him to. In such case I stepped in and said “no” to those others because it was that individual’s personal choice and fuck people who try to force something on someone against their will.

Attack of the Trouser Snakes!


Post about the stupid shit.

Hello, welcome to the Bitchin’ Blog.  There.  Formality done and now let me set the tone.  Yes, I know this is an ugly ass URL on a free ass site with limited capabilities and more to come.  I have no problem with this shit.  This is called evolution and it starts somewhere and right now I’m a microbe trying to get a grasp on the world around me… not yet able to swim, just exist.

So if you have issues with something so stupid, get over it.  It’s pointless and I’m sorry that you have to click or run fingers a little extra distance to make it here.  Don’t visit. This blog is cathartic and I don’t need an audience for my catharsis. Of course if there’s build up then we will make better improvements as my stupid mind slowly learns the ways of this shit.

Waiting to ruin your life.