Post about the stupid shit.


Hello, welcome to the Bitchin’ Blog.  There.  Formality done and now let me set the tone.  Yes, I know this is an ugly ass URL on a free ass site with limited capabilities and more to come.  I have no problem with this shit.  This is called evolution and it starts somewhere and right now I’m a microbe trying to get a grasp on the world around me… not yet able to swim, just exist.

So if you have issues with something so stupid, get over it.  It’s pointless and I’m sorry that you have to click or run fingers a little extra distance to make it here.  Don’t visit. This blog is cathartic and I don’t need an audience for my catharsis. Of course if there’s build up then we will make better improvements as my stupid mind slowly learns the ways of this shit.

Waiting to ruin your life.